The Importance of Eye-candy on Websites

People’s attention spans today seem to be dropping. With technology making everything more readily and quickly available, if something doesn’t catch a consumer’s eye immediately, they leave the website and head on to a new one. The world has succumbed to an instant gratification mentality. Since it’s no secret millions of people worldwide prefer watching movies and TV shows over reading books, it’s evident that humans are hopelessly visual creatures. More stimulating and easier to absorb for many, visuals require less thought processing and more admiration in the eye of the beholder. Because of this, it’s absolutely crucial websites incorporate a lot of visual eye-candy for visitors.

norwegian elkhound websiteThink of the last time you went to a website that was 100% text with no colors or font variation, let alone photos. Did you stay very long? The daunting and overwhelming task at looking through page after page of virtual text is enough to make anyone depressed. But, think about the last website you visited that had color, a collection of photos, beautiful pictures of animals, and artwork. You probably stayed a little longer and checked it all out, right? Completely natural to our makeup, visuals give humans stimulation, and satisfy a part of our artistic brains. As such, websites today must include this kind of stimulation, or viewers will close the tab immediately.

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing today, is the new era of marketing every business is utilizing. With widespread Internet access, the rise of social media, and increased technological developments, digital marketing is where every business needs to be if they want to be maximizing consumer reach. A huge focus of digital marketing is catching people’s eyes by presenting something new, something eye-catching and different. Plain text doesn’t do that (at first).

norwegian elkhound websiteIt’s important to know this new digital era doesn’t mean keyword technology and keyword phrasing isn’t still paramount – it is. Keyword technology is still the recipe for putting a website in front of someone seeking it. People still use Google at overwhelming rates, and are still only interested in the first 3 website they click on. Search engine rankings are indexed by phrasing, not visual components. It’s absolutely crucial to identify and incorporate keyword phrasing relevant to your company in every blog post, status update, and article your company writes. Words today are still the main channel for getting interested seekers to the pages they’re looking for.

But, once they get to these pages, it’s important that they want to stay there. That’s where visual components and digital marketing comes in to play. Digital marketing on social media is able to draw in consumers strictly from visuals. Perhaps an indication for a switch in search engine rankings in the future, digital marketing is already illustrating the power behind beautiful photos and intriguing video footage. Regardless of how a consumer ended up at a site, what they find when they’re on that site is incredibly important for retaining their attention. Visuals enhance the visit; they add a creative side to the story that drew the reader in. They allow the visitors to paint a picture of what they want. Visuals bring stories to life, and help guide the beholders down the path they intended.

A perfect example of a website that takes visual enhancement seriously is the Kamia Kennels site for Swedish Elkhounds and Jamthunds. A website that bases its messaging and success around its majestic, old-world Nordic dog breeds, Kamia Kennels has just as many photos as it does text. If a visitor were searching a dog breed, it goes without saying they want to see pictures of the dog breed. Pictures would be the difference between them picking up the phone and pursuing the dog breed, or considering another. Kamia Kennels perfectly understands this, and throughout their site, incorporates high-resolution and eye-catching images of their beautiful Swedish Elkhounds out traversing through the wilderness, hunting, or helping a family clear out their backyard after a snowfall. Their unmistakably dark and thick coats perfectly contrasts the ominous white, snowy back falls in each photo. Kamia Kennels leaves the visitor considering this strong and durable dog breed by the end of their website visit.

Photos paint the picture; words merely narrate it. Be sure to take visual stimulation seriously and incorporate it throughout an entire website – Kamia Kennels understands this more than anyone.

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